Jeremy Lin as Shoe Seller, Almost Unrecognizable to Fans in Taiwan

When you watch this video, be sure to press CC on the bottom of the video window so you can get the English translation.

Or if you speak Mandarin, than you’ll have no problem watching the NBA’s top prankster take his act to his ancestral homeland. Will his notorious, in-your-face American humor have the same effect in the birthplace of his parents?

The Taiwanese seem unimpressed. Or perhaps it’s their naturally reserved nature that results in low-key reactions. They simply don’t bug out or freak out like his American fans did in previous pranks.

Some really don’t believe that this guy is Jeremy Lin. Los Angeles is a lot closer to Taiwan than Houston or New York are, so you’d think that by being in LA he would have more magnetic pull on his Taiwanese fans.

Well either Linsanity has died down in Taiwan, or J-Lin’s social media pranking efforts haven’t quite impacted the island-nation the way they have in the US.



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