Slapping the Elbow Pit Saves the Life of a Heart Attack Victim

Slapping the elbow pit can relieve heart problems. (Image: Arne Kuilman/Flickr)

At a wedding in 2011, an old man who was sitting suddenly became short of breath and fainted. It looked like he’d had a heart attack. Someone called an ambulance. A person rolled up the old man’s sleeves and began heavily slapping his elbow pit (cubital fossa). The person asked a family member to slap the other elbow pit. After this was repeated dozens of times, the old man began to react. He was out of danger.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes “coldness causes blood stasis and blocks the circulation.” The formation and removal of thrombosis work like peanut oil: precipitation forms when the temperature gets low, and dissolves back when the temperature rises. The pericardium and heart energy channels at the elbow pit connect directly to the heart. When you slap these two channels hard, you prompt “the circulation of qi (energy), and thus the circulation of blood.” This will make the person to feel warm and sweat. The “yang rises” and removes the blood clogs, and dredges the blood vessels.

Anyone can perform this simple technique, and there is no need for training. Slapping the elbow pits daily helps prevent heart problems and lowers blood pressure. It cuts down on the occurrence of heart attacks.

Slapping the elbow pits daily helps prevent heart problems and lowers blood pressure.

Whether one is bruised on the elbow pit after heavy slapping can be used to diagnose whether someone has heart problems. The accuracy of this diagnostic measure is higher than using modern medical equipment. If there are dark purple bruises on the elbow pits after slapping, you should continue to slap them until the color turns red. Any heart problems will be alleviated or even eliminated. This is the treatment called “dissolving the stasis.” Continuing to slap on other energy channels in your body, or the places that hurt when you slap them, might help cure some ailments that otherwise can’t be cured.


Translation help by Hsin-Yi

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