Where Do Asians Have it Better? America or Australia?

Australia has a lot of things that America doesn’t have…except people. And that makes all the difference.

There are large pieces of land in Australia which haven’t been settled. It’s a huge desert. It’s just a guess, but I don’t think you could say the same for America.

Though you might find better overall living conditions in Australia, in the areas where people actually live, racism can be uglier.

People in America are quite a bit embarrassed to openly express racism these days. America is a nation of people who’d rather be politically correct, and are more careful about saying things to offend others racially.

Look at the loudmouthed Australian woman in the video with all the racist comments. She has not the slightest care that her words are offensive. Most Americans of any race would cringe watching that.

But overall, there are more Asians in Australia, probably because Australia and Asia are practically touching. I bet that if Australia itself wasn’t considered a continent, it would be considered a part of Asia. I mean, it’s right there!! The difference is that Australia and its neighbor New Zealand were both heavily settled by Europeans.

Though after watching this video I don’t feel convinced to pay a visit to Australia, I still might head there for a taste of those delicious barbecued prawns.


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