When I Heard That Tiny Voice Whisper ‘She’s An Angel,’ the Tingles Began

It was a simple inspiration, he saw the heart and soul his sister put into being a full time mother and started making a tribute film. Three mothers he knew featured in the touching short film on Vimeo, and it got chosen for Editors Pick.

There was some heated debate distracting from point of the film when some mothers got upset that it was celebrating ‘stay at home moms’ and not all moms.

The fact is, some mothers have to go to work to earn money, and some just want to go to work to earn money and advance and maintain their careers. Then there are the mothers who stay home by choice, which should be considered something to be grateful for, if that’s what you want, and you have enough family income to do it.

The problem is, there is tension among women and their choices as mothers, and that tension seems to based on insecurity and judgement. This film is simply celebrating what a mother is. It’s gorgeous.

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