This New Short Film on Chile’s Majestic Valle Nevado Is a Stunning Work of Art (Video+Photos)

Sanctuary. Stunning beyond words, I had to watch this short film twice. Gorgeous piece of cinematic mastery from the top of the world in Chile, set to the soothing and spacious sounds of Paracosm’s track Washed Out. Lush and perfect.

This beauty is part of The Shadow Campaign, which is to be four short films coming out this fall. Showing off Chile’s majestic Velle Nevado ski fields, and sponsored by Outdoor Research and Goretex, it goes to show, with a bit of financial backing, great artists can do great things.

Sactuary, Chile short film

The Shadow Campaign has come out with the first of four short films from Chile’s slopes, and it’s perfection. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Waxing poetic, here’s the introduction to Ben Sturgulewski and Dan Pizza’s film.

“Heavy sun and low snow has left Valle Nevado ski area reduced to bare rock, a lost season. Lifts shut down and skiers flee towards Santiago in droves. Hot tubs and pisco prevail for the DPS crew. But one morning they awake to find condors filling the sky—scavenging to prepare for an oncoming storm.

“While the resort hunkers down and weathers the whiteout, they disappear into clouds that boil with a meter of snow. The desert becomes an ethereal sanctuary, dissolving into the sky.”

Sanctuary, Chile

Condors started to swarm the sky, scavanging before the big white-out storm. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Sanctuary, Chile

Beautiful shot from the film “Sanctuary.” (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Sanctuary, Chile

Look, the skier makes a yin yang symbol into the mountain side. In harmony with nature you might say. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Sanctuary, Chile

After the storm, the powder was about a meter deep, and so soft. The only way to ski it was at great speed, straight down. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

Sanctuary, Chile

Beautiful editing and soundtrack. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

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