Top 10 Plays From One of the NBA’s Greatest Passers Ever

Jason Williams took streetball style into NBA arenas. He reinvigorated the NBA passing game in a way not seen since Magic Johnson. Like Johnson, the court was his playground.

He wasn’t just focused on winning, but on redefining what was possible on a basketball court, by showing people things they’ve never seen before.

Though he had all the makings of a good player, his risky maneuvers on the court didn’t always pay off, and often led to turnovers. There were also times when he couldn’t control his temper with fans and the media. But when Jason Williams was in his zone, he created some of the most memorable plays in recent NBA history.

I haven’t seen another pro ball player so focused on astonishing, crowd-pleasing moves since Williams. So it is worth a look back at what made this guy the talk of the NBA.

I especially admire the way he can blow past NBA legends like John Stockton and Gary Payton.


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