Most Americans Want Travel Suspended to Ebola Affected Areas

It’s not surprising that the majority of Americans believe that Washington should suspend travel to and from areas affected by the deadly Ebola virus.

Seems commonsense really.

A poll performed by NPR/Truven Health found that 77 percent of Americans: “believe the U.S. should take measures, such as suspending travel to affected areas, to prevent the spread of Ebola to the U.S.”

Speaking personally, it seems odd that the U.S. hasn’t committed to at least a limited Ebola travel ban, especially in hindsight that such measures would have stopped the cases we now have in the country.

Committing to a Ebola related travel ban doesn’t mean ignoring the people of West Africa.

We can send manpower and supplies, it just needs to be managed effectively to ensure people do not bring back to the U.S. more of this deadly contagious disease that has no known cure.

As for unnecessary travel, such as the likes of Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan who died in a Texas hospital, it can only help the spread of the disease as it has shown.

The government and supporters have offered unconvincing reasons so far on why they are not suspending travel to and from Ebola affected areas.

President Obama has said advice from experts is that it’s more effective to let West Africans into the U.S. than it would be to keep them out reports CNSNews.


Bit like how U.S. borders are being miss-managed in general.

Little wonder the conspiracy theorists – i.e. those who believe Ebola is a man-made form of population control – are having a field day with this.

For some factoids about the Ebola virus see the above clip from BBC.

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