Kind Man Tries to Rescue Girl, Then Realizes She’s His Daughter (Photos)

     The truck was carrying 11 tons of sand but was only licensed for a 1.5 ton load. (Screenshot/ girl was buried in sand from the overturned truck. ( workers help to transfer the injured girl to hospital. (Screenshot/

    A Good Samaritan in Zhejiang Province rushed to help a 4-year-old girl in a traffic accident on Oct. 22, only to discover that the victim was his own daughter.

    The child was buried in sand from an overturned cargo truck, and another man was desperately trying to dig her out.

    It wasn’t until the child screamed “Daddy! Daddy!” that he realized he was actually rescuing his own daughter

    According to Chinese media, the man was out so couldn’t have dinner with his family that night. He was on his way home at around 7:30 p.m. when he arrived at the scene of the accident.

    Many bloggers sent their prayers for the little girl, who sustained serious organ damage. Surgeons operated on her for 10 hours, but she passed away on Oct. 24.

    Police are investigating the cause of the accident. The truck was carrying 11 tons of sand but was only licensed to carry a 1.5-ton load.

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