This Trendy Panda Thinks Jackets Are Totally Irresistible (Video)

You’d never know how fashionable pandas are unless you saw this video!

It was filmed at a zoo in Chengdu. The bear looks pretty cute at first, but then takes a swipe at a guy’s jacket through the bars.

He misses out on that one, but gets a second chance when another man sits next to the pen for a photo. Suddenly the panda acts all feisty: It tries to rips his jacket off, and just won’t let go until he gets it.

Looks like the panda loves denim; he seems so satisfied, and can’t stop playing with it.

Fortunately no harm was done to the zoo visitor, although it did look a bit touch-and-go for a while there.

So bear in mind not to dress too well next time you visit a panda reserve!

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