Benedict Cumberbatch Likely to Play Doctor Strange in New Marvel Film

Why was this Marvel film so hard to cast? Seems quite some talented actors have turned down this role.

Maybe it’s because Doctor Strange isn’t like those other Marvel comic book heroes. He’s mainly been a solo character encompassing his own Doctor Strange universe. That universe always seemed to play by a different set of rules than that of the other Marvel Comics characters.

To me, it would seem hard to take him into what Marvel has been doing in the film world at this point. The types of villains Doctor Strange fights usually require his special brand of metaphysical superpowers to overcome. Any ordinary villain wouldn’t stand a chance.

They may just have to create a unique universe around Doctor Strange. I really don’t see how they could blend this into an Avengers situation at this point unless they reduce the scope of Doctor Strange’s powers, or unless this is a direct lead-in to an Infinity Gauntlet story.

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