Crazy Selfies Are on the Rise in Hong Kong. Is This the Latest and Greatest?

If you thought this skyscraper selfie from August was scary, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Meet CrazyRoofs, another group of Russian daredevils, who just climbed the fifth-tallest building in Hong Kong, The Center, to get this footage.

It’s the same tower the Chinese trio scaled, but there’s a lot more spinning, and monkeying about going on at 1,135 feet high!

Wasn’t it only last week that OnTheRoofs skyjacked a billboard, and a brave group of pro-democracy protesters occupied Lion Rock?

This new video is definitely the most thrilling for me, although the billboard episode was more creatively masterminded and executed.

The Shanghai Tower climb is still my favorite though—guaranteed to turn your legs to jelly!



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