Aussie Woman Is Now Locked Up in Mexican Jail For a Simple Mistake (Video)

It’s a mistake any of us could make, and it’s landed 30-year-old Australian woman in a Mexican jail, with no idea when she’ll get out.

Kylie Bretag had saved long and hard for her trip and was going to meet her friend Natalie Wayt in Cancun, but Kylie never made it. Following Trip Advisers advice to save some money, she walked across the border from California into Mexico.

Kylie was arrested on October 20: “At a checkpoint in the town of Tenosique after Mexican officials boarded her bus to check passengers’ passports,” according to

Why? Because she didn’t have a stamp in her passport. Customs failed to stamp her passport when she came into the country. She just didn’t realize.

27-year-old Natalie told that her friend hasn’t showered or even seen sunlight in six days. “She’s very scared. She doesn’t speak any Spanish at all, she doesn’t know what’s going on, they’re not telling her anything.” ­

Natalie has put out a plea for help on her Facebook page saying: “They keep telling her tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.”

Kylie has been locked up since Oct. 20. Her parents back home are distressed and Australian consular officials are working to resolve the issue.

Help my friend

Sos from friend on Facebook. (Screenshot/Facebook)

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