Can Early Technology Use Ruin a Baby’s Mind?

Before passing that iPod over to your young child, think about what the heck all that tapping and swiping can do to a child’s mind.

There is a way babies are naturally able to learn things, perhaps passed down genetically. If you put an electronic device in their hands too early, you may be disrupting the natural learning process.

That learning process is beyond my ability to describe here. But if you think about how technology works and what is healthiest for human beings, it makes sense.

You might try to interact with your child more, or have them play more real-world games and sports. A computerized device is no substitute for direct human to human contact, or parent to child contact, especially in those formative years.

Just think about what would become of you if your entire recreational life as a child consisted of nothing but computer games. What would happen when you had to interact with people more as you grew up?

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