Is this Australia’s Next Prime Minister? (Video)

As the media tends to do in Australia there’s again been speculation about who could be the country’s next Prime Minister.

While there isn’t anything like a whiff of a ‘coup’ against current Prime Minister Tony Abbott – unlike the antics of the previous government led by the Australian Labor Party – the abilities of the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have been positively noted.

“Cursed by her own competence, Ms. Bishop has caught the eye of commentators and colleagues. Former Howard government minister Peter Reith has opined that Ms. Bishop should be the next Coalition prime minister,” wrote Jacqueline Maley for the Sydney Morning Herald.

The 58-year-old Bishop is the only female senior minister in the current federal government.

In the above video are a few snippets of her answers to questions regarding feminism which have also received plenty of attention in the Australian media. Bishop was speaking at the Women in Media event held at the National Press Club in Canberra, Australia’s’ capital.

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