Sir Nicholas Winton: The Remarkable Man Who Saved Children From the Nazis (Video)

Nicholas Winton was only 28-years-old when he helped save over 600 children from the Nazis just prior to the outbreak of World War Two.

In 1938 Winton saved 669 children, most of whom were Jewish, when he organized eight trains to transport them from Czechoslovakia to London where they would be looked after by foster parents.

A ninth train – the largest, carrying 250 children – was prevented from leaving by the outbreak of World War Two. None of those children is believed to have survived reports the BBC.

The Czech Republic has recently honored Winton with the Order of the White Lion at a ceremony at Prague castle. The Czech air force sent a special aircraft to pick Winton up from the UK and flew him to the ceremony which was attended by some of the children that he saved, most of whom are now in their 80s.

He was knighted by the Queen in 2003. Sir Nicholas Winton is now 105 years of age.

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