Tycoon Spends 1 Million Yuan on Billboards to Find Sweetheart (Photos)

    The ad says: Billboards at bus stops cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. (Screenshot/Tencent)Hopefully the man finds his sweetheart after all this effort and expense. (Screenshot/Tencent)

    A rich man in Chongqing has spent a fortune on advertizing to try and track down a woman he fell in love with.

    The billboard he paid for can be seen at various bus stops, and reads: “I’ve spent 1 million yuan (about $164,000) on media to find a girl called Zhi Wei.”

    The man said they met by a lake in the moonlight while lotuses were flowering. It was love at first sight, according to Tencent News.

    Whoever finds her will receive a 100,000 yuan (about $16,400) cash reward. They just have to call his number at the bottom of the ad.

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