Croatia, You Sneaky Paradise. Yeah, Go Ahead and Pop It on Your Bucket List (Video)

Croatia is a jewel of a place along the coast of Europe that has lost the attention it deserves. Take a little piece of Venice, a pinch of Rome, and place that on a long stretch of Mediterranean coast in the crystal Adriatic Sea, and add plenty of sunshine—that’s Croatia.


Croatia is regaining it’s tourist drawing powers, and for good reason. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

It has so much of what the Mediterranean has to offer in terms of gorgeous beaches and coast, ancient villas and villages, and epic history. It’s a place to discover and truely enjoy, without being trampled on by masses of tourists, and without having to fall into the typical Europe tourist traps and prices.

Croatia landed itself on the Top 10 Hotlist for travel destinations seeing the largest increase in tourists in 2014. So, we’re not the only ones who are onto Croatia’s little secret.

I love this video by Olaf Storm on Vimeo, it shows the parts that inspire me, but leave you wanting more…happy online wanderlusting.

For more information, this is the best article I have read about visiting Croatia. The Budget Travel article also explains that Croatia used to be a tourist epicenter in Europe until the late 1980s, until Communism turned things upside down.


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