Why Do Human Beings Need Sleep?

This video probably raises more questions than it answers.

Sleep is a repair process for the body’s tissues for the most part, and a refresher for the brain.

It’s one of the necessities of life. But too much sleeping can also be harmful.

As with all things, take it in balanced moderation and you should be okay.


How much sleep is enough?

It seems even science doesn’t have a definite answer for that, as every person’s physiology and metabolism may require more or less time to do what it does when a person sleeps.

But, luckily they were able to narrow it down, so that any one interested in finding a starting point to measure wether they are sleeping enough or not can use it as a general guide.

One thing is for sure, balance is the main thing. Balance your work, balance your spare time and your recreational activities and just listen to your body. Literally, just try and become more intone with yourself and you will notice how you slowly develop an inner ear to hear your body telling you “How Much Sleep Do You Need”.


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