Acid Attacks in Iran Spark Arrest, Protest, Debate

Islamic, veil, Iran

Recent acid attacks in Iran have caused quite a stir among the public on a local and international level. Police arrested several men earlier this month for participating in at least four acid attacks on women deemed “badly veiled”.

Although Iranian officials only confirmed four attacks social media was buzzing that there were at least 12 attacks.

The attacks led to mass protests, where thousands of demonstrators protested new Islamic laws that they say caused the attacks.

The recently passed laws allow citizens to correct people acting in an “un-Islamic way”.

Protestors say these law are unjust and are clearly leading to human rights violations.

The Iranian government is now quick to defend their human rights record to the West, and attempting to divert the blame for the attacks.

Let us know what you think below, are these attacks just the action of a few bad people or are they related to the laws that seem to shield these attackers?

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