Can India’s Military Kick Butt? (Video)

India is nuclear capable, its navy has one more aircraft carrier than China does and there’s over a million active personnel in its military but is it a force to be reckoned with?

That’s a question asked and then answered in the above video produced by Test Tube. It even looks at how much of a threat India may pose to global security, which is primarily based on its location.

India has the world’s tenth largest economy and the fourth largest military. It has solid naval alliances with nations such as the U.S. and South Korea.

On the downside India is the world’s largest weapons importer which gives it an economical and strategic disadvantage. India’s military command is also uniquely fractured, which makes cooperation between different wings more difficult than is should be during time of conflict.

India is currently engaged in border disputers with both Pakistan and China.

It is also locked in a covert war with long term foe Pakistan.

See the video above for more on the strength and weaknesses of India’s military.

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