How is China Planning to Help Ebola Victims in Africa?

Ebola suits
Will China join the fight against Ebola? (The New York Times/YouTube)

After being criticized by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon for the lacking response to the Ebola crisis in Africa, China said it will build a 100-bed hospital and provide 1,000 workers.

The move comes after Ban Ki-moon criticized China, Russia, and other monetarily solvent nations that had yet to significantly contribute to the world’s response to Ebola, knowing that the fight against the epidemic is severely underfunded.

Will China help Ebola patients in Africa?

But there was also talk of an Ebola outbreak in Mainland China itself. Many Chinese travel from southern China to work in Africa. It was reported by state media that 43 people in China tested positive for Ebola in southern China. After the report, the news was quickly changed to say they tested negative.

Ebola in Monrovia

A person dies from Ebola in Monrovia. (The New York Times/YouTube)

If China will carry through on their plans for Ebola treatment in Africa, I also hope they take care of any outbreaks in China, lest this be a repeat of the SARS crisis.

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