Is Uber Illegally Keeping Drivers in Debt?

(Image: Michi1308 via Compfight cc )
(Image: Michi1308 via Compfight cc )

Uber has grown in popularity in a very short amount of time. The ability for riders to get easy and cheap access to a clean car, and allowing payment all through an app has really caught on.

From a driver’s perspective though things aren’t always as smooth, and there have been some serious complaints from drivers about Uber’s business practices.

Now allegations against Uber are being investigated by the Department of Justice. It appears as though Uber, through third party lenders, is offering and encouraging their drivers subprime loans to buy vehicles.

These are the same type of predatory loans that  helped to cause the 2008 housing crisis.

When drivers sign up for these loans, payments are automatically deducted from their paycheck. This seems convenient, but drivers are reporting this practice leaves them in serious debt.

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