This Season Calls for Yudofu—a Warm Meal to Nurture Your Heart

Yudofu is tofu simmered in hot water with kombu, and eaten with various dipping sauces, a traditional dish form the Kansai and Chugoku regions of Japan.

Yudofu is a simple and light dish, perfect to quench your appetite.

Its main ingredients are kombu, tofu, and dashi, making this a well balance meal.

Kombu is a good source of Iodine and glutamic acid, the amino acid responsible for the umani flavor, making your meals super tasty. Tofu is a low calorie food with tons of protein in it. It is high in iron and depending on the coagulants used in the process is often high in calcium and magnesium. Dashi is a fish stock used in Japanese cuisine.

If the the nutritional content has not sold you on the idea of having Yudofu for your next meal, maybe watching the video to learn how to make it will close the deal for you.

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