This Adventurous Little Panda Cub Is Learning to Climb… Oopsie (Video)

Yun Zi: “Mom doesn’t want to play with me. Well, I’ll just enjoy my own adventure!”

This is a video of a mama panda and her son. The mom’s name is Bai Yun, which means white cloud. Her 5-month-old baby is named Yun Zi, meaning son of cloud.

Yun Zi tries hard to attract his mom’s attention, but she just doesn’t want to be disturbed while eating.

So this cheeky little panda decides to go off on and explore!

Wandering here and there, climbing and falling again and again, drinking some water… Awww he’s so adorable!

A YouTube user made this funny comment about the video: “One day I’m going to China to kidnap a panda!”

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