Your Family Tree Explained: You May Be My 6th Cousin Twice Removed (Video)

Well, the holidays are here. That means family gatherings—the time of the year to meet your nieces, uncles, grand grandaunts, and of course the cousins and the 3rd cousin twice removed… confusing, I know!

Your families are the epicenter of your life. You share your happiness, joy, sorrows, and the like with them, and it doesn’t matter where you are—knowing that your family is there makes you feel loved.

Well, what if I tell you that your family may be bigger than you ever thought; maybe, if we trace back our ancestors, we may share one.

If you are hit with the sudden realization that there are many interesting family members of yours somewhere around the world, well  “23 and me” can help you trace some of them.

Here you can download the family chart.

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