Creativity Trumps Repression: Lit-up Balloons Replace Berlin Wall (Video)

Twenty five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a pair of German artists have lined up thousands of lit-up balloons on the path where the wall once stood.

Nov.9 marks the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s demise and today the “light border” installation’s 8,000 balloons will be released to the sky reports Euronews.

“The wall was this massive building, it was monstrous, huge, long, tall, heavy, made ​​of hard material, and we wanted to somehow create a contrast with an installation that still shows the dimension of the city, its architecture, but which is made of very light material – air and light – which will easily float away and help heal the scars, so to say,” Christopher Bauder, one of two brothers who created of the installation, told Euronews.

Each balloon had a message tied to it telling a Berliner’s story on how the wall had affected their life.

See the above video to see how the “light border” made its way through the city of Berlin for 15kms (9.5 miles).

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