Eating Reheated Pasta Is Healthier For You Than Fresh Pasta

This experiment shows how heating up leftover pasta can lead to health benefits.

So this is a case of reheated food being healthier for you than fresh food. I might just cook a huge pot ahead of time and eat it over the course of a week.

A win for leftovers in fridges across America.

Turns out reheated pasta does wonders for blood sugar levels. Sugar from starch in fresh pasta would get absorbed into the blood stream much quicker than reheated pasta. In reheated pasta, the carbohydrates in the pasta change form, resulting in easier absorption and lower calorie intake.

Considering how much pasta I eat, this might work. It wouldn’t go bad in the fridge since I’d likely eat it within a few days.

So cook pasta! Cook more pasta than you can ever hope to eat!

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