Royal Air Force Pilot Describes Near Death Experience: ‘It’s Impossible to Die’

Alan Pring, a former Royal Air Force Pilot, experienced a near death experience (NDE) during a routine operation.



Alan remembers with lucid clarity everything that happened during his NDE.

His experiences while lying “dead” on the operating table are similar to the testimonies of countless others who have related their NDEs.

Alan knew he was dead, but was not bothered in the least. Then, everything in his entire life flashed before him.

He next drifted off to what seemed like a large room with 4 monk-like figures who asked him questions about his life.

Then Alan entered a realm of pure light that he says is indescribable, but that felt like an aura of all-embracing love, compassion, and knowledge.

He describes the worst moment of his entire life was when he realized he couldn’t remain there, but had to return to tell his wife: “You can’t die. It’s impossible to die.”

Do you believe in life after death? Look at this evidence of an afterlife.

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