Vice President Joe Biden, Let America Know You Still Exist

I know Joe Biden keeps a low profile, but are we really this ignorant to who he is and what he does?

Joe Biden

Joe Biden, America’s somewhat hidden Vice-President. (Image: Center for American Progress Action Fund)


It’s not a presidential election year, so perhaps some people forgot about Biden since 2012. His name was everywhere during the past two presidential elections. And we may even hear more of him in the future, with big plans and all.

Joe Biden

Hope, without Biden. (Image: crownjewel82)



But Biden’s face wasn’t on all those artsy “Hope” posters. Where were the Biden “Hope” posters? His face, and perhaps his politics, just didn’t fit the image of change in politics which Obama’s campaign juiced.

Indeed, you do hear much more of Obama in the news than Biden. And Obama is usually getting blamed for the country’s problems, and his party’s problems, whereas Biden’s name rarely comes up in those same discussions.


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