Chinese Adoptee Finds Self-Acceptance by Crossing Cultural Borders

The trailer above is from Somewhere Between. It looks inside the lives of children adopted from China, and their unique experiences in the USA.

They fall within a cultural no man’s land. In the USA they find that a lack of clear-cut cultural identity poses issues of acceptance.

Culture is at conflict within oneself.

Alex Touloukian is a college bound teen of Chinese heritage. She was adopted by an American family in California. She wrote a story about her recent trip to China in the Huffington Post. She was able to re-identify and reconnect with places she saw only as a baby. But most of all, she felt more comfortable identifying as an adoptee.

Alexandra Touloukian and family

Alexandra Touloukian’s China travel photos. Alexandra is in the red blouse. (Screenshot: Huffington Post)

With stories like Alexandra Touloukian’s, and those of the girls from Somewhere Between,  we can grasp a few things: The world is a culturally diverse place, and we can be less assuming about someone’s cultural heritage. And we can also see how China’s one-child policy has forced a lot of disfavored girl babies to find homes in other lands.


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