Young Mistress Holds Bizarre Break-up Ceremony to End Affair (Photos)

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    Just when you thought you’d seen it all, this happened!

    A Wenzhou woman in her twenties called Doudou decided to celebrate breaking up with her lover, after his wife found out about their relationship.

    The man is 11 years older, and is married with a child, but Doudou didn’t realize til recently because he had promised to marry her.

    She decided to have the ceremony to remember her first love by before she goes back to Beijing to continue graduate studies.

    It was held on top of a mountain in a pavilion decorated with flowers, and balloons, and wine and cake were served. The man didn’t know about the arrangement til he arrived. He was just told to wear black tie.

    Doudou wore a white wedding dress, and there were three friends there as witnesses.

    The couple swapped rings, and cut the cake, so it was more like a wedding than a break-up!





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