Best Babysitting Job Ever: Mother Panda Leaves Naughty Cub With Humans

This amazing video shows the moment a scientist made a new friend… with a wild panda cub!

Wang Dajun is a researcher at Peking University involved with tracking pandas in reserves in West China. The footage was filmed in 1996.

A female panda named Jiao Jiao was very relaxed whenever Wang visited, and had a cub called Sun. She turned to Wang and indicated that she wanted him to keep an eye on the cub so she could leave for a while.

The video starts after Jiao Jiao has left, and Sun is playfighting with Wang. Here are some particularly joyful moments:

  • At 1’40” Wang scratches Sun’s belly and the panda relaxes for a short while.
  • At 2’11” Wang holds him up in the air and dances with him!
  • At 2’50” Sun is climbing on Wang’s body like he’s a tree.
  • At 3’31” Wang runs away from Sun who chases after like a game.

At the end of the video, Wang says:

That was the best day of my life!





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