Extreme Parenting Part 5: Eagle Dad Takes 6-Year-Old Son on Desert Survival Trek

Eagle Dad and Son go hiking in the desert. (Image: Sina News)
Eagle Dad and Son go hiking in the desert. (Image: Sina News)

Duoduo and his dad He Liesheng are back, and the stakes have been raised yet again!

The pair first hit the news in 2012, when Eagle Dad made Eagle Son run half-naked through the snow in New York, aged 4.

Then he learned to sail a dinghy by himself, got stuck on Mount Fuji while climbing it off-season, and flew a plane solo at 5 years old.

Well, now Duoduo is 6… so the pair went on a 62-mile hike through the Lop Nur salt lake in Xinjiang Province, also known as the “Sea of Death” as it was used as a nuclear weapon test site.

Eagle Dad apparently made Duoduo dig a hole in the ground to sleep in, even though it can drop below freezing at night, and the 6-year-old had to search for food too, according to Sohu News.

If you’re not already familiar with the story, Duoduo was born prematurely, and doctors predicted he would be a frail child, so his father decided to do whatever it takes to toughen him up.

Eagle Dad’s motto is: ‘When baby eagles learn to fly, they are pushed down from the cliff by their parents.’

Here’s that blizzard training video in case you missed it. This is “eagle education”:



Chinese bloggers had mixed reactions to the news:

  • “Children should be happy to enjoy a carefree life. What’s the point of making them set records?
  • “It’s good for kids to have some training, but this is going to extremes for kids that age.”
  •  “Children need this sort of education, otherwise they get too spoiled and they can’t look after themselves when they’re older.”
  • “His father is so cruel. I wonder if he really is his father.”
  • “This kind of training for kids is unacceptable to most people. If we just think but don’t practice, we can never create people who win Nobel prizes. Sometimes failure precedes future success.”

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