Princess Leia Gets Harassed by Peculiar Creatures Roaming NYC Streets

Our beloved Princess Leia gets traumatized as she walks 10 hours through NYC. She faces creatures and people of races of all types. Does she come out unscathed?

This is such a clever play off of the now infamous street sexual harassment video that was put up not too long ago. Check it out below.

In life, to see things more clearly, we have to laugh at them.

And the Star Wars version isn’t the only variation. Check out one of a woman walking through NYC with and without Muslim traditional clothing. In the later case she is left alone.

Then check out this one of a man walking through NYC. A male model, that is. His point is obvious: it’s not just women.

And here is an even crazier variation, 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Jew. If you are of Jewish background, or look like you are, this is very common. He’s showing how he is harassed by people of his own ethnic background.

There are countless other variations of this theme that have come out in different locations.

I have to say, people are taking a serious issue and making it hilarious in creative ways, and that’s the best way to deal with something that bothers you.

Maybe I’ll make one of these videos and call it, “10 Hours of Walking Through NYC as a Racially Ambiguous Man.”



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