Visa Changes to Boost Numbers of Chinese Visiting the U.S.

(Image: torbakhopper HE DEAD via Compfight cc )

Starting today the United States and China are easing visa restrictions with each other. It’s a change that President Obama says is sure to benefit everyone from students to local businesses.

The change makes getting a visa much easier, as Chinese will now be able to get multiple-entry visas  that will be valid up to 10 years.

This is a huge change from the previous mandate which had Chinese standing in long lines in Beijing, often for up to 3 hours, until they could plead their case to the embassy.

The old process required Chinese citizens to reapply for an American visa every year.

The Chinese government seems to have become less paranoid about the prospects of their wealthy fleeing to America for good, or perhaps they just realize they don’t have any control over it anyways.

In any case, more Chinese will be visiting America now where they often spend the most out of any tourist group.


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