Marvel Releases Yet Another ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer

Marvel sucks for making us wait this long, while releasing tasty teases of what we can expect next May.

As far as the storyline goes, there are some solid predictions floating around in between the tidbits thrown at the masses by Marvel.

With all of the promos Marvel is releasing, you’d think the movie would get an earlier release date.

What we can see is that Ultron is no ordinary, incapable robot. He’s hungry to destroy something. And of course, our Avengers can’t let that happen.

The Avengers aren’t likely to fail:

But it’s often hard to get that much talent to work together.

Let’s see what might come between them this time.

So what exactly is Ultron after and why did he come now? Here’s a little backstory from the comics:

The Ultron story is bound to lead into the Ant-Man movie, which comes soon after. Marvel is genius for having all of these movies tie in.

That’s one way to get you back in theaters, to leave you thirsting over what happens next, despite months or even years between connecting films.


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