Yum Yum, Spiced Corned Eggs Served With Silk Stockings… What?

    A woman in Shandong found something strange inside these spiced corned eggs. (Image: iqilu.com)OMG, it's silk stocking! That's disgusting! (Image: iqilu.com)Mmmm spiced corn eggs served with silk stocking! (Image: iqilu.com)

    Have you ever bitten into a delicious snack, and then found something that shouldn’t be there?

    A woman in Shandong bought some spiced corned eggs for her son who found a stocking inside. Eww, how disgusting!

    Ms. Guo got five XiangBaLao spiced corned eggs, a famous eggs brand in China, from a supermarket. When her son said they were too tough to bite, she took a closer look and was shocked to find a sock inside.

    She called the manufacturer to make a complaint, and was told that they’d just give her another 10 eggs, which Guo thought was unacceptable. She instead asked for a face-to-face apology, but the manufacturer replied: “Isn’t this just something normal?!”

    According to Guo:

    Finding a stocking in the eggs was already disgusting, but the company’s attitude was even worse!

    Some netizens commented:

    • “Such things can only happen in the Celestial Empire, China.”
    • “Wow! Characteristics of made in China!”
    • “If this continues, eating the dead become normal one day.”





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