The Most Incredible 6,000-Person Street Art Project You’ll Ever See

    Can you believe that this picture is made up of thousands of people? The words at the top read: A passerby takes a photo from the near people in the formation. ('s what people are doing in the midst of the picture. They are doing Falun Dafa's energy strengthening exercises. ( and tourists of all kinds take photos of the amazing sight. ( tourists are learning about Falun Dafa for the first time. Many of the tourists are from China, where they can't get access to the full story of Falun Dafa and the persecution there. ( the picture formation in the background, people learn the purpose of the event through informational posters. ( from across the water in Mainland China may be learning the truth about this practice for the first time. ( form a rainbow of blue, white, yellow and light yellow. The sign at the front reads

    This huge art project took place in the capital of Taiwan. 6,000 people gathered in Taipei’s Liberty Square to form amazing pictures using their bodies. They wore different colors, and positioned themselves as part of an awesome image.

    The Chinese characters and images formed by these people are identified with the spiritual practice Falun Dafa. The practice is popular in Taiwan and around the world.

    The practice started in Mainland China in the 90s, but has since been forced under persecution there. A lot of the posters and informational material contained information about the incidents of torture and murder towards practitioners in Mainland China.

    This is beyond impressive, to get so many people together to form a huge picture like this.

    It’s using your environment as a canvas for art.

    I know that to really appreciate this and see the image that’s being formed, you’d have to get high up. I’ll be sure to carry a tall ladder with me so I can get a good angle.


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