Amazing! 6 Humpback Whales Breach Right By Their Boat (Video)

Two friends boating in a Norwegian fjord on the weekend new exactly what it meant when thousands of bubbles suddenly started popping up in the water around them. They laughed nervously waiting with their cameras rolling.

They managed to film a herd of six humpback whales breaching from right under their boat, only meters away.

“Svein Aasjord and Trond Ivarsø were traveling in waters near Whale Island at the weekend when thousands of tiny rising bubbles alerted them to the herd,” TV2 reports.

The guys knew that the bubbles meant a huge school of herring shoals were preparing to surface and were emptying their lungs.

It makes you want to explore, doesn’t it? There’s a huge difference in experiencing something in person, and watching it on the screen. I hear the Norwegian whales calling me.

Norway fjords and whales

Norway’s looking pretty good too. He is where I need to be, witnessing the raw and majestic beauty of planet earth. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Humpback whales, Norway

Just feet away from their boat, humpbacks breach for a school of shoal. (Screenshot/Youtube)


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