The BMW i8 Looks and Drives Like No Ordinary Automobile

If you have $140,000 for a new car, this should be your next new car.

This car means serious, fuel-saving business. It’s designed for luxury, efficiency, and speed.

You can choose whether to drive in gas or electric mode. Electricity powers the front wheels, a gas motor powers the rear wheels. You choose which to use. You can also choose both. In combination they make the car extremely speedy.

Luxury, speed, and fuel efficiency make this a great vehicle.

What takes getting used to is entry and exit. You have to slide one leg out at a time, in the correct sequence of hand and foot, or find yourself flopping out onto the street. This has to do with the deep-set interior designed for side crash protection.

I’m liking what I see here. Hope I can catch this on the streets once production increases.

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