This HK Uni President Refused to Give Diplomas to Students Carrying Umbrellas

    Students who carried an umbrella to receive their diploma were refused and told by the president to have some 'self respect.' (Image: walking across the stage holding a yellow umbrella. (Image: waiting to receive diplomas holding yellow umbrellas. (Image:

    On Nov. 13-15 and 17, Hong Kong Baptist University held its 55th commencement ceremonies for graduation.

    Some students brought yellow umbrellas to the commencement ceremonies in support of the Hong Kong demonstrations that have been going on since September; these demonstrations have become know as the Umbrella Revolution. They then walked up to receive their diplomas with their opened umbrellas.

    The university’s president, Chen Xinzi, refused to issue diplomas to the students who carried umbrellas.

    He told the students to have some “self respect.”

    On Nov. 16, the Hong Kong Baptist University student association issued an open letter to president Chen. In the letter, they stated: “We were shocked to hear and see president Chen’s words and actions during commencement ceremonies. We are writing this letter to show our strong dissatisfaction with his stance. We will take umbrellas to the graduation ceremony again tomorrow. It is really an improper attitude for the university president. Neither the president nor school authorities have the right to interfere with students bringing umbrellas to the graduation ceremony.”

    For more information on the Umbrella Revolution, see:



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