NFL Suspends Star Player Adrian Peterson for Beating His Child

Adrian Peterson
What will be the fate of the NFL vs. Adrian Peterson? (Image: Arvee5.0/Wikimedia)

Where is a star football player to turn to? The NFL commissioner suspended Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for the remainder of the season after his conviction for hitting his kid. It’s not clear when he can play again.

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson on the field. (Image: Adrian Peterson 2010/Wikimedia)

He hit the 4-year-old with a tree branch, and was charged with “reckless assault.”

Commissioner Goodell hasn’t taken definite action until now. At first the NFL only suspended Peterson for one game. But Goodell reached over usual NFL protocol to suspend Peterson this time.

Since recent conduct by NFL players has immersed the public eye, the NFL has felt pressure to act faster and more forcefully than usual.

Should the NFL regulate what players do at home?

Commissioner Goodell wants Peterson to show remorse for his actions, and to change the way he acts at home.

Robert Goodell

NFL commissioner Robert Goodell. (Screenshot/CBS This Morning/YouTube)

The commissioner stated in a letter to Peterson that when Peterson can return will depend on the results of his treatment. Meaning, the sooner he decides that hitting his children is wrong, the sooner he can return.

The NFL is looking to change its image and the way it handles domestic violence. As it figures out what to do, the players are seeing harsher punishments.

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