Wait, What?! The World Enslaves 35.8 Million People

(Image: Shaun D Metcalfe via Compfight cc )

The 2014 Global Slavery Index collects data on 167 countries to determine how many slaves each selected country actually has. The total number of people enslaved worldwide in 2014 was 35.8 Million.

If that doesn’t get you to say ‘wait what?’ I don’t know what will.

If we look at the sheer number of people enslaved India tops the list with 14.3 million people enslaved. China is second with 3.2 million, and Pakistan comes in third with 2.1 million.

Of course, China’s numbers in reality are likely much higher as many human rights acivists have noted.

Among the countries with the highest slave population percentage were Mauritania (4%), Uzbekistan (4%), and Haiti (2.3%). If in the United States 4% of our population were enslaved that would be the equivalent of 12,644, 000 people!

I’m also hesitant to ignore the fact that at one time at least 1.7% of our country were slaves.

As the front runner of democracy in the world do we have a place to say anything?

Of course this practice is wrong, but does our tarnished record create problems with us speaking up about slavery in 2014?


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