Why We Need To Be Like Native Americans To Save Our Planet

(image: WalterPro4755 via Compfight cc )
(image: WalterPro4755 via Compfight cc )

Surely we can all find reason in the school of thought that humans are inherently connected to their surroundings, and that relationship is important to human survival.

Many indigenous cultures realized this on a deep level. In fact, Native American spirituality centered heavily on rituals surrounding hunting and agriculture, because their lives depended on it. They knew that polluting the earth or depleting their resources couldn’t possibly benefit them. They weren’t greedy and took only what they needed.

What’s changed? For one we have lost a connection to our food and to the environment that produces it. We live in an agro-business centered country where no matter the season we can eat what we want. The growing rise of chemical giants producing pesticides and genetically modified crops is also adding to the confusion.

Overall, though its our pride getting in the way. Our ego tricks us into feeling we have come so far, though in many ways we’ve spun our wheels or even gone backwards. This mass consumption and disconnect from our environment can’t last that long.

If mother nature had a voice how would she speak? What is it she is trying to tell us right now?


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