Here’s Why It’s Crazy That 1 out of 4 American Kids Don’t Have a Next Meal. Are We Making It Worse? 

In the United States, 30-40% of our food supply is wasted. That’s the equivalent of 20 pounds of food per person per month. These are startling figures when you consider that  14.3% of all Americans were food insecure in 2013, and even more unsettling is that one out of four US kids don’t know where their next meal will come from.

This short 1:40 video quickly highlights the problem areas, and sure inspires me to be more mindful. The cause of the food waste isn’t simple. That said, we are also all adding to the problem.

This video states that households are in fact the biggest culprits of food waste in the U.S., throwing away on average 25 percent of what they buy!

Behind homes are the restaurant  industry, at 15 percent.

Food waste

We need to stop wasting so much food, and try finding ways to get it to the hungry, locally. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Whats the solution then? There are a few, but notably it begins with our own personal practices at home. The UNEP suggests we take three simple steps to help combat food waste.

1. Think, we need to think about planning and buying the food we really need.

2. Eat, be more mindful about what we eat and how much we really need to cook.

3. Save, save your food or donate your leftovers to a local food bank.

If we care about this issue we should ask ourselves how we can be more mindful about our own waste, in that way we have a direct impact on our environment one person at a time.

Food waste in the U.S.

Food wasters gonna waste. (Screenshot/Youtube)


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