Orca Hunter Quits, Reveals Sad Rare Footage of Whale Captures


After masterminding the capture of wild orcas and taking them from their families for almost 20 years, he just couldn’t do it anymore.

“They cry, almost like a baby’s cry. So yeah, it tugs at your heart.” This rare orca capture footage is his painful secret.

Orca whale capture

An orca whale being caught from the wild for an aqaurium. (Screenshot)

In the interview with Anderson Cooper on “AC360,” Jeff Foster, admitted to catching “a couple of dozen” orcas between 1972 and 1990, when he quit out of growing guilt. Now he’s an orca rescuer. Watch the capture footage here, on CNN.

Several famous orcas from Sea World have been captured from Iceland.Foster says that since the 80s whale tanks have hardly changed, despite advancements for other species, “Killer whale tanks haven’t really changed over 30 years.”

China recently offered Foster $7 million to catch eight orcas off the coast of Russia. He refused. The orcas are being caught by someone else now, with at least four caught in Russia in 2014 alone. Two of those went to China.

Here’s a clip from Blackfish, the documentary that changed everyone’s minds about Sea World and marine captive whales and dolphins for entertainment. It shows that capturing an orca is a difficult task. The whales would split up to evade being caught and to lead the boats away from their young.


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