Beatbox Rap: There’s a Storm Brewing in Hong Kong (Video)

This is a remix created by US rapper Seth Hirsch who was inspired by the peaceful expression for freedom in the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests.

The current situation is described in the video. Seth thinks people need umbrellas because a storm from the north is brewing in Hong Kong. And he believes that their voices must be heard.



Hong Kong, free the people.
Let your voices be heard.


There’s a storm, brewing, brewing, brewing,
A storm brewing, brewing, brewing,
There’s a storm brewing, coming from the north.

It’s the modern day, let the people come first.
Pepper spray, riot gear, sir what’s it for?
You turned Mongkok to a whole turf war,
The weatherman went and told the people go home.
Central Beijing told the people no vote,
Police came with shields, tear gas and batons.
Students wearing goggles with plastic wrap and gauze.
But we are not your enemies, we will make a future,
A future that is free of hand-picked corrupt rulers.
The weatherman went and told the people go home.
The Chinese Communist Party told the people no vote.


This umbrella will stop police brutality,
I choose a life of freedom is that why you’re mad at me?
Police should protect not trample on your rights
Bash you on your head when your voice is exercised
Voices from central told the people go home.
Big Brother Beijing told the people no votes.
They say foreign forces are involved and it’s true,
Forces from the north want your liberties subdued.
The beckoning of lightning, the red dragons jaws,
This umbrella will hold when the rain falls.
The weatherman went and told the people bla bla,
But the weatherman can’t predict when the rain stops.


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