A Gypsy Elvis, Finally. This Is the Roma ‘Elvis Presley’ (Video)

Meet Tudor Lakatos, a 47-year-old schoolteacher from a small village in northern Romania who is better known as Elvis Romano.

“The first time I heard Elvis, I was in shock. When he played guitar and sang: ‘one for the money’ it gave me goose bumps,” Tudor says in the BBC video above.

As an Elvis Presley impersonator Tudor performs The King’s songs in the Roma language, which is widely spoken in his local gypsy community.

Slightly obsessive, Tudor has named one of his sons Elvis and one of his daughters as Elvisa.

And yes, he loves nothing more than to dress up in Elvis-like satin garb.

“Elvis and the Roma both love kitsch,” he says.

On top of his love for all things Elvis, Tudor also has a good heart. As the local school teacher he tries to be a good example for his pupils by showing them how to lead an honest life and the importance of being able to put bread on the table.

Some facts about the Roma people:

  • The Roma people are also known as the gypsies or the Romani
  • It’s believed that around 1000 years ago they migrated from north west India to Europe
  • They suffered horribly at the hands of the Nazis during World War Two in what is known as the Porajmos (the Romani holocaust)
  • There are now an estimated one million Roma people living in the U.S.
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