Watch Funny Reactions These Kids Have to Old Point-and-Shoot Camera (Video)

My, how times change! This makes me feel decidedly old.

These kids are given a point-and-shoot camera and asked if they know what it is.

Although most guess it’s a camera, they don’t have the slightest idea how this clunky camera works.

After figuring out what button to press, they’re told they still haven’t taken a picture because they need something else—film.

These kids have never even seen film, but they finally get it loaded and take some pictures.

So now they want to see the pictures they took. Guess what! No digital camera here.

The kids are told the film then had to be taken to be developed, which took at least an hour. They’re horrified.

After the pictures were developed, you got a physical picture, not an electronic one.

Not only that, but you had to pay for the processing and for a new roll of film. This just doesn’t compute.

The oldest boy says: “First you pay for the camera, then you pay for the for the film, then you get them developed, then you get your pictures.” Not impressed.

When asked what they preferred, all but one said they preferred how cameras work today.

As fast as technology changes, how will they feel when their kids react the same way to what they’re using today.


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