China Building Military Island on Reef In South China Sea

The potential for conflict in the South China Sea is unfortunately growing. In fact, recent evidence suggests China is more engaged than ever with power struggles in the region, despite the U.S. advising against it.

As the video above says new satellite images have shown that the Chinese are building a man-made island on a reef near the Spratly islands.

What alarms experts is the fact that this island seems big enough for an off-shore air strip and full military installations.

The South China Sea has been a topic of dispute between China and it’s neighbors for years.

The U.S. has called recently for no provocative action in the region, but it seems as though China hasn’t listened.

Even after superficial agreements at both the G20 Summit and APEC, China still seems as though they are business as usual when it comes to territorial power plays.

Stay tuned and we will report more once information becomes available.

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